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We love the student teacher ratio and the small, comfortable atmosphere where kids know everyone and feel part of the school. The teachers truly know my child and always do what is best for them. The education is fabulous for our kids because they are not allowed to move ahead until they master the topic/task at hand but

when they are ready, they move ahead at their own pace. We like that there is no sense of direct competition because there is a wide variety of jobs for the kids to do. Springs East Montessori is the best educational foundation we could give our kids to help them get started on a life long journey of learning.

Sue Osborn

Springs East has an excellent hands on program where children can grow and expand their minds.  The structure of the school allows each and every child to be able to "be the best they can be".  Also having in house field trips, allow the kids to experience nature and the arts.  All three of my children are now attending the school because it is the best investment for them and their education.

Lisa Henkel

At Springs East, I  like how it's not just the children  that get to experience this wonderful environment - it's truly a community where parents and children alike

have a real sense of belonging, respect, and support.

Unknown Parent

Although the classroom environment may seem academically oriented, I felt Springs East goals were to help children develop confidence in themselves, an independence of thought and action that encourage them to make decisions, and the understanding that they were responsible for their actions, as well as for their own learning.  Maya's curiosity about the world around her increased and she developed a sense of obligation to help others.


Tonya Caldwell Warren

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