Faculty and Staff

Springs East Philosophy: "Every child has 'special talents' and it is the school's and teacher's responsibility to cultivate and help the child utilize those talents."

All teachers are Montessori certified prior to employment

at Springs East, and assistant teachers are required to

complete Montessori training prior to employment,

to familiarize each with the concepts and techniques

used in this school.

All educators complete continuing education classes

annually in areas including child development, learning disabilities, and curriculum development. Teachers continue to update their skills to improve their
teaching effectiveness.

Ann Griesdorn: Director

Alumni of Xavier University,

  early childhood education

  undergraduate program Graduate

  of  Whitby Montessori Program,

  developed and run by

  Mario Montessori

Member of the Washington Montessori

  Institute teacher training program

  1. Founder of Springs East
    Montessori School

Post graduate work in early childhood
  development, Xavier University

Sally O'Donnell:

Principal / Teacher certified K thru 12

BS in Physical Education,

  University of Cincinnati

AMI Certification

Teaching at Springs East since 1985

Sharon Teece:

Teacher certified K thru 8

BS in Marketing,

  University of Northern Kentucky

MBA in Marketing,
  University of Northern Kentucky

AMI Certification

Teaching at Springs East since 1999

Amy Kettenacker: Teacher

                                First / Third


Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Ed.
  Wilmington College

Teaching at Springs East since 2006

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